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Labs Show DEAF 2012


Labs Show DEAF 2012

V2_Lab and Baltan Laboratories (Eindhoven) launch a call for proposals from media labs around the world for recently produced artworks to be featured at the next edition of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival taking place from April 19-22, 2012 in Rotterdam.

V2_Lab (Rotterdam, NL) and Baltan Laboratories (Eindhoven, NL) launch a call for proposals from media labs around the world for recently produced artworks (developed by artists in labs in 2011-2012) to be featured at the next edition of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival taking place from April 19-22, 2012 in Rotterdam (NL). The intentions of the show are to provide a unique overview of the diversity and quality of work being developed at the crossroads of art and technology today, to present ‘best practices’ of different labs, and provide input for a conference on new forms of contemporary art production in the form of concrete work and working processes. Through this we aim to stimulate new productions, open up the ‘ways of producing’ of labs and fuel the debate on the socio-cultural functions of artistic research and production facilities. Read more »





The 4th edition of the VIDEOHOLICA INTERNATIONAL VIDEO ART FESTIVAL is open for 2011 video art entries for this year’s festival.

VIDEOHOLICA 2011 will take place within the period 5 . 12 August 2011 in Varna, Bulgaria.

The events held during VIDEOHOLICA 2011 will include a series of evening video art projections in outdoor public spaces in Varna, such as the inner yard of the Varna Archaeology Museum, the back yard of the Varna Puppet Theatre, the Rakovina Open-Air Stage in the Varna Sea Garden and other. In parallel with the video art screenings of VIDEOHOLICA 2011, exhibitions, discussions, and workshops concerning video and contemporary art topics led by established local and international art professionals followed by a reception with honored video artists will take place in gallery and museum spaces in Varna. Read more »


Between August 10th and August 18th, 2010, the 3rd edition of VIDEOHOLICA International Video Art Festival will be held in Varna accompanying AUGUST IN ART International Biennial of Visual Arts.

During the festival 9-day duration, according to the VIDEOHOLICA 2010 motto 'KEEP THE ILLUSION ALIVE', various video selections and projects describing diverse concepts and interpretations of the term ‘illusion’ as a phenomenon discovered and studied with the techniques of video art will be screened and presented.

VIDEOHOLICA 2010 main program, which includes over 150 video art works (selected from more than 500), part of which thematically divided into the selections 'East Asia', 'Dance' , 'BG', will be presented in a series of evening screenings in four different open-air places, such as the inner yard of the Varna Archaeology Museum, the back yard of the Varna Puppet Theatre, the Rakovina open-air stage and the outside space of Music Cafe LOOK.

An international jury composed by Vesselina Sarieva (cultural activist, Bulgaria), Dinu Li (artist, UK / China), Anthony Bannwart (artist, Switzerland) and Yovo Panchev (curator and artist, Bulgaria), will debut at the festival choosing the VIDEOHOLICA 2010 Representative Selection. Read more »

UNNEEDED CONVERSATIONS – Theory and Practice of Art


The first edition of the international conference “UNNEEDED CONVERSATIONS – Theory and Practice of Art” will be held in May 2010 in the city of Porto, Portugal. Organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Porto (FBAUP), this conference aims at establishing an intellectual platform to discuss fluidity of contemporary art practice through a series of interdisciplinary interventions. Held in school of arts, UNNEEDED CONVERSATIONS is also meant at being a connection axis between different contexts by interconnecting and mixing different forms and approaches.

The 2010 edition of UNNEEDED CONVERSATIONS will have three main topics for debate — UNTANGLE: The Future Past of Media Art; UNSUSPICIOUS: The Politics of Aesthetics; UNCUT: Time-Based Art — which are at the core of today’s problems of art practice. At the same time, those topics will also be addressed so that they will contribute to the conceptual definition of the recent multimedia/intermedia branch in FBAUP courses.

The conferences will be held in an old cinema of Porto city center (Cinema Passos Manuel), which is only a five minute walk from the Faculty of Fine Arts, and they will be divided into two categories: Talks and Conversations. The first ones — a more conventional format – will take place in the afternoon, and Conversations — a more hybrid format — will take place in the evening.

A simultaneous program will include exhibitions, workshops, screenings or concerts in different places in the city center and at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

After the conference a book will be published – UNNEEDED TEXTS / Vol. one – including both the papers presented and further relevant documentation on the event. A call for papers to be included in this book is now open. Papers will be blind-peer reviewed by a panel of international referees. The book will be fully published in English in print and electronic format. Read more »


International Field of Voices

Launch project

We would like to offer the opportunity to join us with participation in an art exhibition to open in the virtual world of Second Life this April as well as galleries in 6 countries around the world.

How? By sharing a 9 second recording of your voice to be placed in a column with others to create a field of voices activated by proximity.

In 9 seconds: Say something, say anything: Your name, country, occupation, team, anything. Honor a loved one, make a point, promote your cause, make a confession or an announcement.

Just use your imagination and express yourself.

Call one of the local numbers listed [read more] below and leave me a message for inclusion in the project.
(make sure its longer than three seconds or we wont get it) Read more »



VIDEOHOLICA 2010 will present a series of video art projections and exhibitions and will make presentations of well-known international video art forums and honored video artists in parallel with discussions concerning video art topics.

The 3rd festival edition will pass under the KEEP THE ILLUSION ALIVE motto. Read more »

File Prix Lux


January 11th to March 5th

This year, the artists, on registering their projects to take part in FILE 2010, will be competing for the FILE PRIX LUX prize.

FILE PRIX LUX was conceived to complement FILE's actions in the area of electronic and digital languages, with the intent of rewarding, motivating and stimulating the emergence of new talents. This new initiative by FILE intends, besides the exhibition and presentation of works, to add value to such manifestations, conferring to the awarded artists a national and international impact.

Since 2000, FILE - Electronic Language International Festival constitutes an international interdisciplinary platform for the development of innovative and creative projects in the area of arts and technologies. FILE is a cultural, nonprofit organization that promotes a reflection on the main themes of the global contemporary electronic-digital context, always in a transdisciplinary vision in the political complexity of our time's cultural universe.

Launch project Read more »

Visions from the Future international festival of sound visions 2010 IRIDESCENTWORLDS

Cari Tutti!
Cronosfera Project e Sincronie sono lieti di presentare

Visioni dal Futuro
festival internazionale di visioni sonore
seconda edizione


Torino 28-29-30 Maggio 2010
Cinema Massimo, Hiroshima Mon Amour
Nuovo bando di concorso Video e Live media

Visioni dal Futuro 2010 chiama tutti i videomakers e sperimentatori audiovisuali a creare, modellando l'immagine e il suono, opere che ci attraversino per arrivare a percepire MONDI IRIDESCENTI.

Vi alleghiamo la Scheda di Partecipazione con scadenza : 23/04/2010
per maggiori informazioni vi invitiamo a visitare il nostro sito:

Vi chiediamo gentilmente di diffondere il bando in tutto il mondo e oltre!
Vi ringraziamo per l'attenzione e ci scusiamo nel caso d'invio multiplo.

Dear All!
Cronosfera Project and Sincronie are glad to announce

Visions from the Future
international festival of sound visions
second edition


Torino May 28-29-30 2010
Cinema Massimo, Hiroshima Mon Amour
New competition announcement Video and Live media

Visions from the Future 2010 calls all the videomakers and audiovisual researchers to create, shaping image and sound, works that pass through us to imagine IRIDESCENT WORLDS.

In attachment the Entry Form with the deadline: 04/23/2010 Read more »

Artcontext Calendar


The 2010 edition of the Artcontext Calendar marks threedecades of calendars from artist Andy Deck. Since the mid-1990s the project has often engaged public participationthrough websites made by the artist to generate images
and texts.

This year's calendar leverages the recently announced Artistic License site, which lets visitors produce anofficial-looking ID proclaiming them to be just aboutanything they can think of. This performative series of images is incorporated into the calendar in both free and printed editions.

Beginning in late December, all the pages will be freelydownloadable as PDF files. At present, orders are being
accepted for a full-color printed edition at a modest price.

It should be noted that for another week, participation isstill open, so if you'd like to appear in the 2010 Artcontext Calendar you should visit Artistic License soon. If you do, and you decide to buy the calendar, your laminated Artistic License will be added to the shipment.

You will not only have a distinctive calendar, you will bea card carrying artist and a participant in a 30 yearcalendar project begun by the artist in 1979.


transmediale.10 | 2 - 7 feb 2010
festival for art and digital culture berlin
*Early bird discounts of 10% on transmediale.10 Passes until December 18, 2009*

'But my mind was too confused to attend to it, so with a kind of madness growing upon me, I flung myself into futurity.'
The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

As 2010 approaches - a year which has been synonymous with past images of the future - it is clear that global society is neither the utopia nor the dystopia traditionally presented in the fictions, architectures and theories of the 20th century. Rather, it is an increasingly complex web of economic, political and cultural systems dependent on the convergence of rapidly evolving technologies that compress what used to be thought of as 'future' into a more coherent and malleable 'present'. As the future catches up to us, as a concept of technological evolution and progress, it seems to be experiencing an identity crisis.

transmediale.10 FUTURITY NOW! invites YOU to ask not what the future has in store for us, but what is it that we have in store for the future?

Dear Spectrites!

The programme for transmediale.10 - FUTURITY NOW! taking place Feb. 02 - 07, 2010 in Berlin is almost complete! Read more »

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SUBMIT net-art works / links / info


by Vlado G. Repnik & Igor Stromajer
Intima Virtual Base & GVR babaLAN, 2006


by intima | virtual base
Brussels, Belgium, 2004

Overcoming Political Anxiety

Overcoming Political Anxiety
net statement
by Igor Stromajer, 2004


wireless packages ][ distribution center
WLAN/GSM/WAP project by Igor Stromajer, Apr 04
Ohne Schnur - art about wireless communication
Cuxhaven, Germany


parallel emotional search engine | v 1.0
Antwerp, Jul 2003

art ?* life

art ?* life
net video by Igor Stromajer
Antwerp, Jul 2003

T_rauma | intimate extraterrestrial communication

T_rauma | intimate extraterrestrial communication
love without mercy . the signal
by Igor Stromajer
Raumars Artist-in-residence, Rauma, Finland, Mar-May 2003

We Finns, we don't use chains!

We Finns, we don't use chains!
# dystopian territorial database # net SiM_ultation
by Igor Stromajer, Jun 2003
Rauma, Finland / Ljubljana, Slovenia / Antwerp, Belgium

S.HTML security

S.HTML security
net monument
by Igor Stromajer
Antwerp, Jan 2003

MomEnt.16: Orgasmus im Berlin

MomEnt.16: Orgasmus im Berlin
low-quality high-standard self-composable net video kit
by Igor Stromajer, August 2002

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