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Arte Laguna Prize 12.13 - Call for Artists!

Arte Laguna Prize 12.13

Total Prize Amount: € 170,000
Sections: painting, sculpture & installation, photographic art, video art &performance, virtual art
Deadline: November 8, 2012
Collective exhibition of 110 finalist artists: March 2013 – Venice Arsenale

The 7th International Arte Laguna Prize, based in Venice, Italy and dedicated to contemporary visual art, is open to artists with no limits of age or nationality, offering a finalists collective exhibition at Venice Arsenale, artist in residence programs, personal and collective exhibitions, participation in international festivals, publication in the official catalogue and a network of opportunities:

5 Cash Prizes of € 7,000: for winning artists, one for each section

4 Art Residencies: Technymon ARTresidency – Mumbai or Chicago; Glass School Abate Zanetti – Venice; Art Stays – Slovenia; iaab – Basel

1 Business for Art: development of an art project with the winner of the virtual art section, in collaboration with FOPEgioelli

2 Collective Exhibitions: Open, International Exhibitions of Sculptures and Installations of Venice; exhibition of a selection of Under25 artists at the Romanian Cultural Institute of Venice.

21 Personal Exhibitions in International Art Galleries: Read more »

Welcome to your homepage, call for submissions is a tumblr where you can submit images, texts, words, gif, backgrounds, drawings... related to your old personal homepage.
All the content will be featured in a publication called “Welcome to your homepage.”
It will be printed in may and exhibited in June at the “RUINS” diploma exhibition of Alain Vonck. Read more »

BERLIN DOCUMENTARY FORUM 2 | 31. May - 3. June 2012

From May 31 to June 3, BERLIN DOCUMENTARY FORUM 2 will investigate the capacity of images to produce truth and authenticity, and their ability to provoke controversy, and change. The group exhibition A BLIND SPOT, curated by Catherine David, looks at the documentary in contemporary art and photography. The online magazine ISSUE ZERO will probe new ways of producing, presenting, and viewing documentary works on the Internet. Get your accreditation here:

For more information check:

Haus der Kulturen der Welt
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin


25 – 30 JULY 2012, VARNA, BULGARIA

VIDEOHOLICA Video Art Festival in Varna, Bulgaria is accepting now video art submissions for its 5th anniversary edition.

The 5th VIDEOHOLICA is planned to take place between 25th and 30th July 2012 in Varna within the framework of the International Biennial for Visual Arts AUGUST IN ART.

The 5th VIDEOHOLICA will animate again with evening video art projections the Varna public and outdoor spaces, such as the inner yard of the Varna Archaeology Museum, the back yard of the Varna Puppet Theatre, the Rakovina Open-Air Stage in the Varna Sea Garden, Music Cafe ‘LOOK’, the Roman Baths, Cultural House ‘Harmony’ yard and other. Along with the evening video art screenings, VIDEOHOLICA 2012 will introduce to the Varna public established local and international video art partners’ activities and honored video artists’ talks, in parallel with discussions and exhibitions to take place in gallery, museum and alternative spaces in Varna, presenting the video art on a global scale.

The 5th anniversary edition of VIDEOHOLICA will award the following prizes:
Award for young Bulgarian author – YOUNG VIDEOHOLIC Read more »


Schermafbeelding 2012-02-22 om 11.11.52.png

23-26 FEBRUARY 2012

- Live performances (presale has started)
- Exhibition and conference
- Specials
- Ticket sale

LIVE PERFORMANCES (presale has started)

Beyond Time
Thursday 23 February 2012
Paradiso 21:00 (hall opens 20:30) / €17.50 (discount €15.00)
Bass frequencies abound on the opening evening of Sonic Acts. Beyond Time presents an audiovisual spectacle with dubstep, subsonic minimal techno and avant-garde electronica. Roly Porter and Emptyset use the echo and low frequencies associated with dub music to create a sonic space that dislocates our perception of time. Live projections by Rod MacLachlan and Joanie Lemercier (from AntiVJ) reinforce the alienating potential of the sub-bass. Mark Fell’s radically asymmetric beats ignore time signatures completely in an infectious computer-generated recuperation of acid-house that is timed to the millisecond. The evening opens with the film De Tijd by the filmmaker Bart Vegter (who passed away in 2011). Films by Ian Helliwell and Ryohei Shimada will also be screened.

Deep Time
Friday 24 February 2012
Paradiso 20:00 (hall opens 19:30) / €17.50 (discount €15.00) Read more »


Call for Participants: Sonic Acts Masterclasses,

Call for Participants: Sonic Acts Masterclasses, 20-23 February 2012, Amsterdam

DEADLINE: 12 February 2012

Masterclass Leaders: Catherine Christer Hennix, Peter Kubelka, Olaf Nicolai, Pauline Oliveros, Tino Sehgal

In collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum and STEIM, Sonic Acts will host a series of masterclasses as part of this year’s festival edition Travelling Time.

The masterclasses provide a unique opportunity for artists, musicians and other creative professionals to work with 5 internationally renowned artists whose work critically reflects on time and timing. In a concentrated and intimate setting, participants will gain insight into the artists’ concepts, work processes, and methods of composition and production through hands-on workshops and seminars. Read more »


SuperCollider Symposium 2012 is now out

The programme for the SuperCollider Symposium 2012 is now out! Get
your tickets...

This April will see musicians, artists and coders come to London for a festival
of what can be done with the SuperCollider audio programming environment.

Tickets are available from £70
for a WHOLE WEEK of sonic inspiration featuring:

- LIVE ALGORITHMS CONCERT - three specially-commissioned musicians
will be improvising live on stage, collaborating with
responsive musical algorithms for the first time.

- LIVECODE EVENING - codefaced people hacking music in front of your eyes:

- ELECTROACOUSTIC CONCERT of new multi-channel works
for electronics and featuring musicians from the Plusminus Ensemble:

- CLUB NIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA, rounding off the festival in style
with a panoply of audiovisual acts,

Sonic art exhibition held in the Mile End Park,
with works both indoors in the Art Pavilion and outdoors in the park: Read more »

The Right to Database


November 6, 2011
3 - 5 PM
Theater Kikker, Utrecht, The Netherlands Launch project

The current widespread availability of data has led to an explosion of creative practices formulated around the collection, analysis, and visualization of information. The inevitable backend of these exercises, the database, is fore fronted in this programme by Impakt Online and SKOR NetArtWorks.

The Right to Database invites artists to explore the inherent implications of the database system. Their projects trial novel ways of understanding and interrogating database systems, and how they transform both the act of collecting and the objects of collection.

The Right to Database is held with Graham Harwood (YoHa) and Linda Hilfling. Including contributions from Metahaven, Hendrik-Jan Grievink & Coralie Vogelaar and Upload Cinema. The discussion is led by Bernhard Rieder, assistant Professor of New Media at the University of Amsterdam. He is particularly interested in the role of algorithms in social processes. Read more »

Call for participation in the WJ-S workshop


DJs / VJs / WJs

WJ-S is a software and a flexible public device for web performances allowing WJs (webjays, artists, curators, web addicts, web mutants…) to play live with online text, sound and visual… WJs take the control of a multiscreens environment and surf at distance in different browser windows simultaneously. WJ-S is a visible and collective experience of the surf. WJ-S is an immersive experience in the flux.

Following the steps of DJs and VJs, WJs (weejays, webjays, webjockeys …) directly draw their sources from the Web and mix the network flow in real time. The WJ-S/essions are organized indoors or outdoors in a public space, in front of an audience.. Read more »

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For the fourth consecutive year, the International Video Art Festival VIDEOHOLICA will be held in Varna from 5th to 12th August 2011. This year’s program of VIDEOHOLICA brings an abundance of video screenings, presentations and exhibitions presenting video art on a global scale.

The main program of VIDEOHOLICA 2011, curated by Pavlina Mladenova and Neno Belchev, will be a series of evening video screenings grouped according to geographical origin. Screenings will take place in some of VIDEOHOLICA's traditional locations such as the courtyard of the Archaeological Museum, Varna, the amphitheater at the rear of the Puppet Theater, and Music Café ‘LOOK’. Also, this year VIDEOHOLICA will be hosted by two new open spaces in Varna: the Roman Baths and Cultural House ‘Harmony’.

The American gallerist and curator Cohn Drennan (Dallas, USA) will be a special guest of VIDEOHOLICA 2011. Besides being chairman of the international jury of VIDEOHOLICA 2011, Mr. Drennan will also deliver a lecture on his work as a curator in North America and Europe. The lecture will be held on 11th August 2011 in the Varna City Gallery. Read more »

Photographer in the virtual world

Robert Overweg is a photographer in the virtual world he sees the worlds of (first and third person shooter) games as the new public space of contemporary society and as a direct extension of the physical world.

Overweg dwells either by foot or by air through the outskirts of the virtual world which he dissects through his photography. He makes use of the new possibilities which the virtual world gives him for his photography but he also documents the limitations of the virtual world. With his photography, he asks questions about copyright, popular culture and whether experiences in the virtual world which are becoming as much a part of reality as day-to-day life are the property of the copyright holder or the person who actually has the experience.

He exhibits throughout the world ranging from Amsterdam, Cologne and L.A. The press gave his work a fair share of attention from the dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, BBC to Gizmodo and Kotaku.

Tag cloud [*reus*]

[CA] Aquest és un dels molts punts que defineixen el radi geomètric d'un centre xarxa d' art artista artistes contemporani visual a Reus i la seva obra. Un altre node de creació producció exhibició contemporània a Reus. Un altre art centre laboratori de coneixement expressió pensament urbà contemporani modernista transversal.

[ES] Este es uno de los muchos puntos que definen el radio geométrico de un centro red de arte artista artistas contemporáneo visual en Reus y su obra. Otro nodo de creación producción exhibición contemporánea en Reus. Otro arte centro laboratorio de conocimiento expresión pensamiento urbano contemporáneo modernista transversal.

[EN] This is one of many points that define the geometric radius of a central network of contemporary visual art artist artists and their work in Reus. Another exhibition of contemporary production node creation in Reus. Another art center Expression Laboratory knowledge of contemporary urban modernist thought cross.

[FR] C'est l'un des nombreux points qui définissent le rayon géométrique d'un réseau central d'artistes visuels contemporains artistes d'art et leur travail à Reus. Une autre exposition de la création contemporaine dans la production noeud Reus. Un autre centre d'art Expression Laboratory connaissance de la pensée contemporaine urbaine moderniste croix. Read more »

Untitledocument (netart 2005)

Untitledocument (netart 2005)
Untitledocument It's a conceptualization of the same media. It's a process of exploration, appropriation and transformation about the codes and sentences that compose the net.
Untitledocument (netart 2005)
Untitledocument es una conceptualización del mismo medio. Es un proceso de exploración, apropiación y transformación sobre de los códigos y sentencias que componen la red.

YES WE ARE _netart by Ciro Museres

YES WE ARE _netart by Ciro Museres (2008) - Technology: HTML- javascript - php- MySQL

YesWeAre is a work of netart. An interactive installation where the user/spectator is invited to complete the sentence "Yes, we are_________.". The new sentence becomes a part of the work that explores visually the dynamic movement and rythm of aesthetics HTML. YesWeAre has been built as an informative space based upon affirmative sentances and sutrctures that mix and overlap, generating noise, as well as communicating or not. The reader/spectator minifies the use of different codes for different readings. Ambiguity in the network is constant, as well as the bombardment of information.

Ciro Múseres.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read more »

Net art online exhibition (Montreal's Biennal)

This might be of interest :

The CIAC's e-Magazine special edition "Biennale de Montréal" is now online space!

The virtual and in situ exhibition Chance : An Imaginary Tool for e-Art features original artworks from five net artists : Mark Amerika, Grégory Chatonsky, Thomson & Craighead, Martine Neddam and Jhave :

CIAC's e-magazine


The former École des beaux-arts at Montréal
Open daily from noon to 6 pm, Thursday extended until 9 pm.
May 1-31 2011.
3450, St. Urbain Street at the corner of Sherbrooke Street West.
Place des Arts. Bus : 80 or 129.


Paule Mackrous (curator)


ωοωTV is an interactive internet television. The content is made out of Google Image Search results based on user-entered text queries and broadcasted in real time.

ωοωTV is also a part of ωοω effect net art project by ZNK and hopefully more to come soon.

ZNK is a collaborative venture of two digital artists, Timur Ruziev and Yaroslav Sedyshev.

ωοωTV —
demo reel —

ARTonRELATION Isidro López-Aparicio

It's a net-art project create by Isidro López-Aparicio and it's a creative art space for artists to meet and share.
It's shaped like a blog that always have in difference the distance between the two artists but it's build always in the same parameters. The different number of Km of distance on relation between two artists, two creative minds in different surrounds but Joint by a commune interest to think and built in creative terms a piece of art in it’s own relation. Their distance is their lack and their strength. This invisible kms line, that joint them is a link of possibilities and a commitment to built art in their social and physical environments. They challenge each other from creative parameters, on a platform base in the same distance of connexion with different coordenates, space, weather, surroundings, peoples, background....
Other artist that they just joint this project are Alain Ayers (Berngen, Norway), Gao Yuan (Beijin, China), Marcelo Legrand (Montevideo, Uruguay), Emilia Telese (Sussex, UK), Susana Serrano (Bormujos, Sevilla).
This is an open creative tool just with the only intention to motivated artist to share their creativity in an space taking advantage of the lack of the physical distance but finding this common space to find, challenge and develop creativity. Read more »


net project
by Vlado G. Repnik & Igor Stromajer
intima | virtual base & GVR, October 2004
intimate mobile communications art, 1999
by Igor Stromajer

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